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Lightroom 3D

CMG Designs is now Lightroom 3D

June 24th, 2022 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “CMG Designs is now Lightroom 3D”

After 13 years as CMG Designs we have decided to rebrand. We are now Lightroom 3D.

We wanted a new name that better reflected what we do.

A lot of the work we do is very similar to that of a product photographer.

A photographer when shooting a product would place the item in a lightroom.

This allows the photographer to control the lighting and reflections on the product.

This is essentially what we do except we do it in 3D hence Lightroom 3D.

You can visit for more info

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aluminum extrusion animation - cmg designs

Aluminum Extrusion Process Animation

June 5th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Aluminum Extrusion Process Animation”

3D Industrial Animation by CMG Designs

CMG Designs was commissioned by AMS (Architectural Metal Systems) to create a detailed 3d animation showing how their new state of the art Aluminum extrusion plant works.

Aluminum Logs are heated up and cut into smaller billets. These billets are then pushed through a die to create a profile which is then used for the manufacturing of windows, doors etc.. There are countless types of dies for producing all sorts of profiles. It’s basically like a large Play Doh set.

With most of our animations, we start with a 3D CAD file which we then modify for animation use but in this case we only had 2D drawings and photos to work from.

We used Cinema 4D R18 to model and animate the scene, Vray3.4 for rendering and After Effects for post.
Half the animation was rendered on our own internal farm and the rest was rendered using Rebus Render Farm.

You can view more of our animation work here.

If you would like us to create a similar animation for you company, please call us on +353 (0)21 482 6293 or email us at


Cian McGrath
CMG Designs

Oil Rig Animation

Oil Rig Animation – Offshore Handling Systems Ltd.

May 5th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Oil Rig Animation – Offshore Handling Systems Ltd.”

Industrial / Engineering Animation

CMG Designs was commissioned by Offshore Handling Systems Ltd. to create a 3D product animation showcasing their many handling tools in operation. These handling tools are designed to target the reduction of hand and finger injuries associated with the positioning and movement of deck cargo and drilling supplies.

Our client was able to supply us with the 3D CAD files for the tools which we were able to import into our 3d animation software. We were able to purchase the models for the ship, oil rig and character which we then modified for animation use.

The character animation was the most time consuming part of the process but we are very happy with the end result. We used Cinema 4D for the animation, Vray for rendering and After Effects for post.

When we set up the business back in 2009 we mainly created 3d images and animations for the architectural sector but over the last few years we have decided to focus all our attention on creating high quality product and industrial images and animations.

For more information on 3d product/industrial animation please contact us here.

For more information on these tools please visit our clients website here.

Cian McGrath – CMG Designs

Oil Rig Saftey, Engineering Animation

3d interior visualisation

Interior Rendering – Coffee 2 Go

February 23rd, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Interior Rendering – Coffee 2 Go”

3D Interior Visualisation


We were commissioned by Coffee2Go to produce a 3d image for their proposed new cafe in Dublin.

The deadline was extremely tight on this project but we were able to get it finished just in time.


Most of the objects and furniture had to be modelled in 3d from scratch to make sure the 3d image was as close to reality as possible.

We also had to create custom materials and textures in photoshop and Cinema 4D


Our client sent us an Autocad drawing of the layout as well several images of the furniture and materials which was a great help and limited the amount of revisions needed at the end.

As always we used Cinema 4D to create the scene and Vray to render the image.


Cian McGrath

CMG Designs.


3d interior visualisation



Offshore tools - animation

Work in progress – Offshore Handling Tools Animation

February 1st, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Work in progress – Offshore Handling Tools Animation”

Offshore Oil Rig Animation.


CMG Designs was commissioned by Offshore Handling Systems Ltd to create a detailed 3d animation showing how their innovative handling tools can help prevent hand and finger injuries associated with moving and positioning cargo/drilling supplies on and off shore.

Offshore tools - animation

The scene for this particular animation is an oil rig situated in the North Sea.

The animation starts off by showing the crane lifting a 10ft container from the supply ship and positioning it onto the oil rig. This is where the offshore handling tools come into play. The first product used is a tag line which is attached to the bottom of the container. When the container is a few feet from the ground an operator is able to grab onto the tag line and guild the container. 

Offshore tools - animation

Once the container is closer to the ground, the operators are able to guild it into position using the one of many handling tools. The handling tool creates a buffer between the cargo and the operator which helps to limit the risk of serious injury.

Offshore tools - animation

We still have a bit more work ahead of us but we’re really looking forward to seeing the end result.

We’ll be sure to post the final animation here when it’s done.


Cian McGrath



3d Graphics Ireland

Eight years providing high quality 3D graphics and animations.

January 15th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Eight years providing high quality 3D graphics and animations.”

CMG Designs – Cork 


Eight years in the visualisation business.

CMG Design has been providing high quality 3D graphics and animations for well over eight years now. We started out mainly producing architectural renderings but we knew we needed to provide more services if we were to survive.

architectural visualisation

2009. A bad year.

2009 wasn’t a partially good time in Ireland to be solely providing 3d architectural graphics and animations so we decided to focus our attention to Engineering, products and medical devices.


2017. A great year.

Eight years later and we are now producing high quality 3D graphics, illustrations and animations for large businesses across Ireland the UK and Europe.

Companies such as Tomra, ESB Networks, TEG and so on have relied on our services to get their message across whether it’s marketing material to increase sales or 3d illustrations and animations for safety manuals.

3d Graphics Ireland

2018 onwards.

We here at CMG Designs are really looking forward to the next eight years as we continue to providing our clients with the very best 3d graphics and animations we can produce.

We also plan to add additional services to help our clients market their products and services so watch this space.

Cian McGrath.


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