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3d Graphics Ireland

Eight years providing high quality 3D graphics and animations.

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Eight years in the visualisation business.

CMG Design has been providing high quality 3D graphics and animations for well over eight years now. We started out mainly producing architectural renderings but we knew we needed to provide more services if we were to survive.

architectural visualisation

2009. A bad year.

2009 wasn’t a partially good time in Ireland to be solely providing 3d architectural graphics and animations so we decided to focus our attention to Engineering, products and medical devices.


2017. A great year.

Eight years later and we are now producing high quality 3D graphics, illustrations and animations for large businesses across Ireland the UK and Europe.

Companies such as Tomra, ESB Networks, TEG and so on have relied on our services to get their message across whether it’s marketing material to increase sales or 3d illustrations and animations for safety manuals.

3d Graphics Ireland

2018 onwards.

We here at CMG Designs are really looking forward to the next eight years as we continue to providing our clients with the very best 3d graphics and animations we can produce.

We also plan to add additional services to help our clients market their products and services so watch this space.

Cian McGrath.


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