3D Animation Services

CMG Designs produce high quality 3D animations and walkthroughs for the architectural, engineering, product and medical sectors.
Sometimes an images is not enough. You have a story to tell and you want to portray that story in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Our clients have found that our 3d animations have made it much easier for them to market and sell their proposed developments, products and ideas.

Our 3D animations are very affordable and offer a great return on investment as they can be the difference between a sale and no sale.

Typically when it comes to medical and engineering animations we would import your native 3D CAD files and modify them for animation use. These models are usually very complex and were not designed with animation in mind but between very clever optimization on our part, high end computer power and advanced 3D rendering technology we are able to create stunning animations.

We can also rig your 3D models for complex simulations where  you have material like food, waste, metals etc.. running through and interacting with your machine as it would do in real life.

So if you are looking for stunning high quality 3D animations to help sell your products, developments or services, give CMG Designs a call.

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